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Monohagon : The most YOLO DD

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I somehow got it through a reward mission from a American loot box. Completed the mission easily, got my first ever real premium (my Albany is useless).


So yes it does give very bad first impression : you either trade good guns for mediocre torpedoes and AA or trade it back.

But choosing the second hull at least make you think  smart (from my point of view) but my first battle literally made me ROFL ( I hurt my back and I got very weak in the process)

So I went Rush B style in a tier 7 game, spotted a Molotov and a Emerald camping behind cap A. (the map is encounter ) so I quickly cap the cap A, shooting my two only guns like a [edited], and torped the Emerald ( also torped the Molotov but freaking kill stealer). I was just laughing so hard because I just yolo behind them at point blank range. Then I yolo a Lyon to almost 5 km (still shooting my 2 only guns like a [edited]) and torped that as well. And it was a ez game victory.

This is the most yolo DD ever.


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1 hour ago, tankkiller123453 said:

(my Albany is useless).

Yes, but it's the best looking ship in the game.

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