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Looking for more information Re: OpenID ad Privacy

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I've been looking around for details on this, but i'm coming up empty.



According to the Support Page on wargaming's site here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/19383/

Wargaming explicitly states:


When logging in with Wargaming.net OpenID, the only information transmitted to the third-party will be your in-game nickname and a link to your profile (currently displayed on World of Tanks.com). No other sensitive information (such as your email) is transmitted.


So trying to set up a bot in Discord, that used OpenID to pull game stats the Permissions page on Wargaming lists the following (emphasis is mine) :


Confirm Request

To use this service, confirm your Wargaming.net ID.

Service will have access to your personal data including:

  • user name;
  • amount of gold, doubloons, credits and free experience;
  • premium account expiration date;
  • availability of associated phone number;
  • friend list and groups of contacts;
  • restricted clan information;
  • list of player's vehicles including rented;
  • details on destroyed vehicles;
  • personal missions progress and available personal reserves in World of Tanks.

Service will not have access to your email, password, and phone number.

You can manage the access in your Account Management.

By granting access you accept Privacy Policy.

The things i list in bold seem to be more than my play statistics and my email address, 


My question is this:  Is the API able to pull all this detail via OpenID?

is there a way i can refuse some or all of this information? 

does this information already exist in the support pages and i just didn't find it?

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It seems to me that you answered your own question.  The only way third-party sites can track your stats is by pulling them through the API.  WG stated the basic information, which includes a link to your profile page (and info) that is provided using OpenID.  If a site wants to pull more information, you have to allow it, and Discord is asking your permission to pull the additional information; your question actually applies to what Discord is requesting.  You can refuse to allow the information, but then it is up to the service  whether they will provide limited access or not be able to provide any service.  That is not on WG's side, it is on the side of the service (Discord).  You would have to find out from Discord if they can provide service without your allowing the information.  Keep in mind that there may be identity verification requirement they are complying with also.


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