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Commander Recruitment Special - Commander Boost gone

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I bought two of the Captains under the Commander Recruitment Special of May 18th. I bought Vasily Znamensky on May 20th and I bought Charles Henri Honore on May 31st. I then unlocked the Commander Boost Mission for each. So far I had used the commander boost 3 times for one and 2 times for the other (not sure which as I did not keep track or screen print the personal assignment screen for either). FYI the commander boost was available via a "Personal Assignment" which I could check to see the results.

I was not using them up because I knew that the Commander Recruitment Special clearly stated that the 200% commanders boost would be available until July 9th. I was working on the US heavy cruiser line instead primarily to get the Des Moines. Got Des Moines two days ago and went into a division with my clan leader to play a random battle with my Algerie in order to take advantage of the 200% commander boost. Except I didn't get it. Checked my missions list and realized that both of the "Personal Assignments" were gone.

Would like to get those "Personal Assignments" back please! I have opened a ticket but response so far is we're working on it. See screen print below:


Commander Boost screenshot 1.png

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Seems like the people who can fix it are working on it.  Might take longer than we like, but it will get fixed because it is a bug that other players have reported.

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Wait till it's fixed, and if you don't get it, put in a support ticket.

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