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An Apology To My Team From A Few Minutes Ago

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To the team that had the misfortune of having me as their carrier player a few minutes ago, I sincerely apologize for my absolutely atrocious performance in Taiho

My internet died just before I was about to conduct my first strike on a Montana about 5 minutes into the battle, allowing the enemy CV to annihilate all of my bombers.

Then, even after I reconnected, my ping was insanely high (>500 at times) and caused me to mess up just about every strafe and drop I attempted. At one point, I couldn't even launch any bombers because they were stuck in between "reloading" and "ready to launch" (the box that showed their status was highlighted yellow as if they were still rearming, but there was no timer).

To nobody's surprise, even a pretty terrible CV player (I still somehow managed to kill more of the enemy Essex's planes than he did mine's, and this was with me involuntarily feeding him 22 plane kills thanks to the internet crash) could run riot around me and our team lost badly as a result. I ended up doing a mere 29k damage thanks to the massive ping (it was more than 10 times higher than what I'm used to playing with).

Sorry to all that had me as a CV player just now, my internet and I let you all down. I hope that you will please understand and forgive me.


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Honestly, I was not in that game, nor is the above line serious.

On the more serious side, I have been where you are, and the frustration of not being able to tell your team what happened as you spend 10-20 minutes trying to get back in.

And when you do, you are also now a nice shade of pink.  And feeling like a heel.

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