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Clan C-1 Looking for Temporary Mercenaries and/or Permanent Members.

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The C-1 has been around since the beginning of clans and for a while it's been nothing more than a means to save on some expenses and benefit from the port facilities. However, with the introduction of coal and steel, it's now worth venturing into Clan Battles to attempt to earn these new resources and rewards.

As such, the C-1 is now opening invitations to anyone wishing to partake in clan battles. Temporary "mercenary" positions are available for those who do not want to stick around with the C-1 permanently, I have no problem if you want to remain solo afterwards and will be willing to "hire" you back on for the next one if space permits. But there are certainly permanent positions available if you simply wish to join and benefit from the port; I'm not one to oversee or manage anyone nor force anyone to join in divisions so it's up to you. We all benefit from the Oil income regardless.

What I'm personally looking for, with regards to those seeking to do Clan Battles, are individuals who believe they have a firm grasp on the game. By no means a requirements, but this is tier 10 we're talking about. This would be the first clan battle that I partake in and by no means do I assume that I am more skilled than anyone else that joins or those that we may face. We all gotta' start somewhere.


Keep in mind, that there is a specific time-frame setup for clan battles. If you are joining for these battles, (obviously) you must be able to play at these set times. You must also possess, or acquire, a tier 10 ship. Those are the only prerequisites.

If you are completely new to the game or wish to hone your skills, I am more than willing to aid you. I'm not entirely against divisions but I'm prone to jumping from ship to ship and tier to tier rapidly during my game-time on a regular basis. This is where added membership would come into play and I'm sure, with enough members, there will be no problem with setting up training sessions.


There is one more rule to note (really the only one): Due to membership caps, those that are not active for prolonged periods of time (I'm willing to give 30 days or more if informed of a reason) will be open to being dismissed from the clan. I'm not fond of the idea, but there are some that would simply up and retire from the game without so much as a excuse or a "goodbye". Inform me of your situation and if/when you will be able to return and there shouldn't be any problems.


Time to next clan battle: 3 Hours. Battle Ready: 1

28/30 positions available.

Please leave your response here and with your response, your current Highest Tier Level that you have in your port (minus the temporary vessels).

In addition, You may also add what your preferred class and/or nation you feel as though you are most capable in.

Invitations will be sent out on a first come first serve basis.



Highest Tier: 9 Fletcher and Iowa. My best games usually involve USN DD's (both Benson and Fletcher). I'm decent at almost all cruisers but have a chance to randomly explode at times. Also equally versed in USN BB's.


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