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Suggestion: Earing steel through Achievement.

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As 0.7.6 came out with new economy system, "Coal" and "Steel" are new currency that you can earn by playing game. You can earn coal via set of missions and containers while steel you need to be competitive to be able to earn it at the moment, which only good and experienced player can get (as it should be).  
However, some player cannot participate into competitive mode like "Ranked" or "Clan Battle" for whatever reasons they are quite "off" from earning a steel, thus solution I proposed here is making steel earnable through achievements in random mode (still require you to "get good" and working on it) with much less amount of steel. You still need to work for very long time compared to fighting through either ranked or clan battles 


I already knew dev answer as "no" and I don't mind that :cap_tea:

Right now, we had a good amount of achievements in this game and I shall rate of steel drop as such. let me begin!

Achievement will be earned every time you earn it
"First Blood": 1
"Devastating Strike": 1
"Die Hard": 2
"Fireproof": 2
"Unsinkable": 2
"Close Quarter Expert": 2
"Arsonist": 3
"Liquidator": 3
"Double strike": 3
"It's Just A Flesh wound": 3
"High Caliber": 5
"Confederate": 5
 "Witherer": 5
"AA Defense Expert" or "King of the Air": 5
"Dreadnought": 5
"Kraken Unleashed": 10
"Solo Warrior": 20


"Fun And Engaging" "Detonation": 100 :cap_cool:

Each achievement that specially earned via campaign in special occasion should be rewarded as coal or steel as WG devs see fit

Also, to prevent sealclubbing as top player may go down toward low tier and farm those achievements from "less skillful playerbase" and "I'm new here", Steel through Achievements can only be earned from T5 and above.

With this, It will allow playerbase to be able to work their way earning steel without getting into competitive scene but much longer time commitments than those who participate in such a competitive mode. 

And we shall meet again :fish_sleep:

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Really a good idea to make people grind forever. But should have the criteria of those rewards for winning games only. 

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