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How to Get Rid of WGC on MAc

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I tried playing World of Warplanes and I had to install Wargaming Center. I also imported World of Warships to the Wargaming Center launcher on my Mac. Now, with the new updates I can't open the launcher so I can't run World of Warships anymore. Can I stop making Wows launcher depend on WGC.

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Since you don't have a registry in the same way that Windows does you may be able to get away with uninstalling the WGC and the games that are currently associated with it and installing the ones you want to keep.

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On 7/2/2018 at 1:00 AM, Jeff2022 said:

it doesn't work.

Look from a windows perspective I had to uninstall everything and had to find on old install file from the old website. I basically went to the way back machine and picked  a March 2016 and chose a date from there. I am very confident that this should work for Mac given that they can download files from the internet too. I am sure that since you have had the game before the Wgc that you know how to get it to work. @LittleWhiteMouse I believe has a site link to the old installers for world of warships as well.



I had to uninstall the games one by one and then I could finally uninstall the Wgc itself. The site I am talking about https://archive.org/web/

just type in worldofwarships.com and pick a date before June of 2016. 

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