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Operation Cherry Blossom progress error.

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In the new PVE OP, I had just encountered a bug that prevents the team from completing the mission. After sinking the enemy forces attacking the Marine Regiments (1st Main Objective), the mission script in chat no longer appears. The CV support group doesn't spawned in, and the primary tasks do not update. 

Our team went forward towards the airfields, and the next wave of enemies has spawned in (Atago, DDs, CAs, etc.). Even after killing the ships, the mission task to destroy the airfield did not appear, and thus unable to win the operation.

Attached are pictures of the battle as it went on (Take note of the primary task, where it has not been updated).

As a result, I would like to please ask that you look into this to ensure that this situation doesn't occur again in the future.

Thank you,





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Yup, I've run into this one too.

My suggestion, in order to not waste anyone's time, shell the remaining marines yourself. It's possible as I was starting to do damage the one game I ran into the bug, but abandoned it because the rest of the players found the next wave of ships(which had spawned, but were sitting where they spawn, I'm assuming because the CVs never spawned in, they had no command to move forward).

End the mission faster as it's going to be a defeat anyway since the main objectives don't progress.


Possibly interesting to note, the marine regiment still alive in your pics is the same one that was alive in the mission I encountered the bug as well.

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