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Just an Old Cruiserhand From the Rio Grande

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It's funny how things pan out. When I first started out in WOWS I thought cruisers would be my goto ships. 

After doing terribly with them, I switched to the much safer BBs.  Cruisers just weren't my bag, mang.  :Smile_sad:

I hardly play DDs at all. Maybe one evening every two or three months, I'll be in a DD mood and play my mid-tier IJN torp boats.

My 20 odd CAs and CLs sat in port collecting dust for more than a year until a few weeks ago. That's when out of sheer boredom with BBs, I started playing my mid-tier IJN cruisers.

Something finally *clicked* and my game improved.

In a nutshell, I really like the much faster reload times and the ability to dodge and weave from under long range fire. I may not rack up as much damage as I did with BBs, but it's just a lot more fun and exciting to play them.

So my initial hunch was correct.



Everyone sing it!







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