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Adding User Music on Mac

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I have been attempting to use my own music in World of Warships. Somehow I have been unable to find the 'res' folder, where I am supposed to create the 'usermusic' folder. 


I have already checked the boxes in settings, enabling port music, in-battle music, and user music.

The first thing I do is go to finder, then find World of Warships under 'Applications'.

Next, I right click on the small World of Warships icon, as left clicking opens the game.

I select 'Open Package Contents' in the popup window.

A lone folder, titled 'Contents' appears.I open it, and seven tabs issue from under it, they are: _Code Signature (folder), Frameworks (folder), Info.plist (Document), MacOS (Document), PkgInfo, Resources (folder), and SharedSupport (folder). After that, its endless walls of integral folders and documents with indecipherable names, signifying that I am way off-track.


I apologize for creating this, as it really isn't constructive or centered around the actual game in any way. What am I doing wrong? I must be missing something obvious.


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