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Recruiting Mediocre to Pretty Okay players

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KPV is recruiting for people who are anywhere from "meh" to pretty okay. We are a core of 4 pretty okay real life friends, some better than others. We are kind of abrasive, but nice people on the inside. Right now we are looking for opportunities to play Clan Battles. There are no requirements, other than you play semi-regularly, that you aren't needy, and you are open to playing clan battles once we get enough active players.


We are mostly mountain time zone, and play from about 7pm MST until 1 am on weekdays, and lots more on the weekends.


If you want to join, pm me here and I'll send you an invite. We also use discord sometimes, but that isn't a requirement. 


Good luck!

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Maybe someday. Not now though. I can't participate in clan battles as I don't even have a single tier VIII, let alone IX or X, and I only have 2 Tier VIIs.



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