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Why you should play RU DD's

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You should be playing RU DD's because they don't give a rats Anus how many radars the reds have.

True story.

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For no reason that i can discern I've always held a strong disgust for those ugly Russian DDs. Then I started playing them on a whim a week ago. I don't know if my sense of disgust deepened or lessened, but i love those ugly little ships and I've been enjoying the Minsk immensely.

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I never gave a second thought about stupid RU DDs when they came out. They seemed mediocre. However, in practice they're an amazing playstyle. You are FEARLESS in these, because you always dictate the engagement. When you move 47 knots, avoiding fire becomes a matter of adjusting course 15 degrees and watching shells miss by several shiplengths. 

Enemy got radar? No worry, if you're not being seen, you aren't doing damage! 

Enemy too stealthy and spotting you first? Fear not. Open the distance or dare them to fire first. 

Enemy battleships looking at you? Laugh as you waste their shots with easy dodges, and repair overpens at Tier9+. Burn them to the ground for consistant 100k+ games.

Enemy DD catch you in a knife fight? No problem. Beat up IJN DDs and kite USN ones

Enemy cruisers on your tail? Oh no, how ever will I dodge all these baltimore or cleveland shells? Oh wait, being 14km away does that just fine.


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