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aircraft are not speaking

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I know I pressed something wrong, but i cant find out what in the controls or anything.  But when my aircraft report in, they are completely silent.  all other game sounds work, even my ship reports.  Can anyone point me to the right command?

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I have experienced something similar since update 0.7.2 -- perhaps we are having the same problem?

-- Are you just losing your cv squadron sounds like "group 2 ready", "group 4 returning to ship", etc. with every other game function and sound working normally?

-- Do you have all the squadron sounds at the beginning of the game, only to lose them during the game at (seemingly) some random time.

-- Does this happen sometimes or usually in your first CV game of the day, but not in any of the later ones?

-- If you have answered "yes" to all 3 of the above, does your problem look like this YouTube Video (sounds lost at the 1:50 mark.)  youtube.com/watch?v=fkB-Najytg0

If still yes to all of the above, then we may be having the same problem, and I have a lot more information for you.  Send me a message, or reply below.



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