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Mod Station Chat Mod - problem?

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I tried posting this in the appropriate Mod section (where I thought it belonged) but there was no option to start a topic there so here we go...

There is a mod within the ModStation mods which allows you to move the chat window but more importantly to completely disable all chat... yea, nice. I was running it today, with the chat window upper left, chat deactivated. Match started I have no keyboard controls. None. I started circling. 

I could do nothing to get control back. I even went into the controls option and changed a control so the file would get saved, hoping that would do it. Nope. Then I hit the enter key a couple of times. Then tried the navigation keys. Somehow, for some reason, it started working again. I think what happened was this:

Chat windows disabled. Enter key still triggers chat mode. Thinking you are typing into the chat window, you cannot control your ship with the keyboard. This is normal. But with the chat windows disabled, the ENTER key still opens the "now invisible" chat window interface. 

IOW - if you press the ENTER key you still go into chat mode. Difference being you just don't SEE your chat interface. 

So this mod does not function as you would expect. Or should I say "I would expect". 

If I turn a feature off then pressing the ENTER key ought not trigger that feature. Hiding screens without changing the action for the ENTER key is not good. 

I'm yanking the mod. As best as I can tell that is what happened. Feel free to try it out yourself. 

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IIRC you don't need a mod to disable the chat.  Ctrl and hover over the chat area and you should see a red X that'll close it down.  Can't remember if it shows in the chat display area or the bar where you type off the top of my head.  I'll try to check when I get done today and get to the home PC with the client.

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