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Patrol Duty

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I was playing WOT, because soccer tournament with Tanks is fun. In WOT when a tank or light tank, predominately,
spots a certain number of opposing teams players, they are awarded a patrol duty achievement award.

So when playing a Destroyer and you go and spot X number of the opposing team, you get a patrol duty award. 
Also for a few less spots Destroyers would receive a scout medal. You could give the damage done to the
opposing forces spotted ships, a share of it to the destroyer, that spotted them. But only if they are damaged
while they are under the destroyers surveillance., at the time damage is inflicted on opfor's ships.

Might just give some DD captains a reason , with a financial advantage chucked in, too actively go ahead
a spot the opposing force for there team. 


CV planes would have no effect on the requirements to obtain these DDawards.  It would purely a destroyer
only award. 

Input in this is most welcome. 

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