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[ALL] Shimakaze with Kamikaze R's wave camo

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I think Kamikaze R's wave camouflage is one of the nicest destroyer camos in the game, and thought it would look really nice on Shimakaze with her legacy as the fastest IJN destroyer. This mod will make her look like in the image below. Important note: This only modifies the texture of the 5000 dubloon permanent camouflage, and not the actual ship texture. So it basically means that you need to have that permacamo mounted for this to be visible. I apologize for that. Reason is I'm not good at working with textures/blending, so I'm afraid that if I would apply the wave pattern to the actual ship texture, I would ruin all the fine details like bolts, joints, shading etc.



Install instructions:

- Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bupv1yyaah1249b/ShimakazeWavecamo.zip. Unzip it and put the folder in World_of_warships/res_mods/[game version]( as of right now).

- Next step is IMPORTANT: To get the correct blue colours (instead of the standard green), you need to unpack your own camouflages.xml file, using the unpacker tool: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/81806-get-your-wows-unpacker-here-06130/- . The reason I can not provide a finished camouflages.xml file is because Your client will require different contents in the file depending on how much of the Yamamoto collection you have unlocked. My file may not work with your game. When you have your camouflages.xml file, put it in World_of_warships/res_mods/[game version], and open it with notepad. Search for "ijnp24" (Ctrl+ F to start the search function), and you'll find a section that contains the colour code. Like this:

- Replace the colour code with this (as seen in the image above):

<color0>0.085 0.102 0.141 0.700</color0>
			<color1>0.000 0.035 0.075 0.950</color1>
			<color2>0.631 0.616 0.522 0.700</color2>
			<color3>0.050 0.183 0.270 0.784</color3>


- Save and enjoy your blue Shimakaze!




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