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Huh...I was expecting to be pink.

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I was in a T9 battle in my Atlanta last night & the internet went down...It was towards the end of the battle (4 ships left on each team) & I had already burnt down 3 BBs & had a 4th blazing nicely when it shut down. I obviously survived as it counted as a completion towards the Indy mission to survive & kill a ship (& I even got a compliment) but I was totally expecting to be pink for the DC while still being alive...but instead...in my notifications I got this message:




I'm not sure what rules I observed since receiving the disciplinary penalty as I haven't fought any battles since but I can only guess as I had been active for over 70% of the battle that it counted me as OK...but then it seems as though there shouldn't have been a penalty for me to get lifted in the 1st place if that was the consideration.

I wasn't pink before that battle so no previous penalties were active that got lifted & due to DC I obviously don't have the post battle stats for any clarification.

Confused...but glad it worked out anyway (actually wouldn't have cared about the pink status for the couple of games it would have lasted...was more happy to see it counted towards the completion of the Indy mission as I was having a terrible night preceding that battle trying to get that finished...for the crate anyway as I already have the Indy but would like as many opportunities to get the Kidd, Sims, &/or Monahagn [sp] as I don't have any of those yet).


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The same thing happened to me the other day in the Raptor rescue battle. I never loaded in past the Mission/Team Members/Tips screen. When the battle ended I got the same message. It has also happened a couple of times the past few days but without that message. I did have one battle yesterday in random that the same failure to load happened and I did get the inactivity penalty for 1 battle.

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