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Last 4 Pt Captain Skill?

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So after a day in which, in typical manner, I do very well on all the games we lose, but do horribly in the one game that we win, I finally have a 16 pt captain on Iowa, whom I'm planning to eventually transfer to Montana

My current build is PT, EM, SI, CE, AR

Of the four point skills, only two seem to be of any use to me: AFT and FP.

My question is which captain skill should I choose, both for this last 4 pt skill and how should I use the remaining three points.

I understand the meta favors fire prevention and then vigilance or basics of survivability (aka the tank build), but I'm also wondering about going concealment/AA hybrid build instead.

I suppose a lot of my ambivalence is due to my personal abhorrence for most damage control-related skills like fire prevention, high alert, etc.

So my current options are (* = personal preference, ** = meta preferred):

  • AFT then
    • BFT*
    • BOS
    • VG
  • FP
    • BFT
    • BOS**
    • VG**

Should I take the meta-aware build of FP and build from there to either BOS or VG, or should I just go with my personal preference and spec for AA?


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I would go fire prevention because it means that you will only take one fire on your superstructure, where you are the easiest to hit with HE spam, instead of two.

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