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Defense Expert ?

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I"ve never gotten one so being a BB main I think my best bet is with the Alabama. Can this be done without manual AA or is it possible to do without it? I also have the Hood and Atlanta with there defensive AA consumable any chance of getting that with these ships? TIA

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It can be done with a BB, though not common. What you need is to be lucky enough to find a CV to fly that many planes at you where you take those numbers out!

With the limited hangar capacity for some CVs, good drivers just wont throw planes away like that.

The Bama is a sound choice, it has awesome AA with some skills like AFT, etc.

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Unfortunately, you oftentimes need to find a CV stupid enough to lose that many planes to a single ship. If a single enemy ship manages to wipe out my entire attack wave in Taiho or Essex, I'm staying the [edited] away from that guy for the rest of the match unless I have no other choice

Take note: 40 planes is exactly one full wave of torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and fighters from Midway. Any other CV will have to send multiple waves at you for you to get an AA Defense Expert achievement.

On some lower tiers, this may not even be possible as the CV may simply have too few planes to give you.

If you're interested in this achievement, I'd recommend (as a CV player, ironically)

  • play a tier where you can get lots of potential plane kills (I recommend tier 6-8, since you can have double CV matches, but high tiers also work)
  • play a ship that ISN'T known for its AA (unless you're praying that the enemy CV player is stupid enough to fly over you multiple times); a destroyer oftentimes can be surprisingly effective at this
  • spec captain accordingly (obviously)
  • division up with another CV player to guarantee that there is an enemy CV around (do make sure to div in the proper tiers, however; you don't want to accidentally have your Saipan—Alabama—Kidd division to be dragged into a tier 8-10 match; it's not probable, but it is possible)
  • make sure to situate yourself in a high-traffic zone; caps and around friendly battleships are ideal, while the borders of the map are not

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It’s possible but very difficult to do without manual AA. I also think the Alabama is the best choice. The Atlanta is an obvious ship for carriers to avoid while the Hood relies heavily on its short-range rocket launchers.

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Recently got this one in my Missouri, without having MAA.

Pretty much what @Avenge_December_7 said. Divving up with a CV player is most important, because that way you will always have to fight a CV. I checked your ships, mainly the cruisers, but there isn't much to pick from. So also my recommendation would be the Bama, but when you can div up with a CV player you can also try the Atlanta. Eventually you will run into a potato.

Ideally would be a ship that is less known for their AA, but I couldn't really find one in your ship list with adequate AA; Admiral Hipper / Prinz Eugen.
Make sure to boost the Bama AA as much as you can, also use flags.

Good luck! :)

PS: Imo Hood depends too much on her DFAA consumable to be effective. 

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