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Insignias -Game Feature Suggestion channels are dead

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Wargaming, the amount of customization for insignia's is lacking effort and variety.

To fix this dilemma, here is my idea:

Image result for wot mastery badge


For example:(Fake stats)

Let's say WoWsTestingAcount gets 3000 base Experience in a game with the Montana.

The rest of the players for the Montana have mean XP of around 1500 base. The top 10% having 2900+. 

Every player will fall into a category of mastery, as long as they get above the average Experience earned, thus being 1500 base XP.

The Top 10% of players will receive the mastery badge for their excellent performance in Monty, and instead of this:


We can have something that actually shows skill among the vast majority of players, with WoWsTestingAcount's favorite ship!




Don't you love my MS paint skills? Who needs photoshop anyway?



I believe this will be another implementation that will spark players drive, to play the best they can, and set out to earn these badges for their ships.


So guys, let me know what you think of this. Bad, Good, or PUTINTOGAMENOW.



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I dont think it would be wise to implement WOT emblems here. I mean we already have nation specific emblems and ship type specific emblems. Do we really need another emblem to rub in someones face showing im a master at this ship?

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I would like to see the ability to display both a patch and earned emblem (at least on the forums). I love my patch, but don't want to have to trade it out to show my Kriegsmarine I emblem.

The ability to have both would be nice.

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No, we need a way to turn them off. I don't want to see them, and I dont want to impede others' enjoyment of the game with that trash.

There is zero reason why a transparent insignia can't be made and selectable. Zero. 

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