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You recently added 'As Good As It Gets' to the monthly challenges, etc... which gives you some reward for being in the top three in a battle, for either team. I want to sincerely thank you for that as somebody was thinking here who came up with that. So often for me, and I'm sure others, we finish in the top three, have great scores, but end up on the losing team. This at least allows some compensation for being in the top three and makes it better for all concerned. So often it's frustrating to continually finish so high and get nothing. This was a move in the right direction, it doesn't have to be as much as the winning team, but at least it shows you did a good job for your team, even if you end up on the other side.

Now, about Matchmaker(MM), when does it begin to include Radar ship match-ups in it as trying to play as a DD when there is a GOOD CV driver, and 4-6 radar ships on their team, and you have far fewer. Makes for some bad days at times. I have been keeping track, and for some reason I get short changed on radar ships on my team 90% of the time in Randoms. Is there something it looks for in players stats to determine how many of those it's going to put on the other team? Does MM hate me?  :cap_viking::cap_rambo:  Good job overall and please consider some equality there. It is a fun game most of the time, win or lose unless you get the people who verbally abuse others and carry on thru the match like they hate each other. It's a game but it sucks that it brings that out in some people.

Take care, best wishes, and thanks for a fun game. This old guy likes it.

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Nice that a positive post is still alive in the wild...GJ


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