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Radar Boats

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4 minutes ago, JosephSantora said:

With all the new boats in the game does anyone have an updated list of the ones that ship radar?



The only changes in the US line are as follows;

Cleveland gained RADAR by moving to T8.

Baltimore kept RADAR when it moved to T8.

Buffalo got RADAR when it replaced Baltimore at T9.

New Orleans lost RADAR when it moved to T7.

Seattle and Worcester will get RADAR when they drop on Jun 27th on update 7.6.

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Right now there are a flood of Clevelands in game and it's making the radar blight seem worse than it actually is.   Played 3 DD matches this morning, and by simply looking at the enemies team comp and using some simple logic I was able to stay at radar tickle range until they popped it.  Once it's down, you check for the presence of any other radar ships and then move in to get your work done. 


It's annoying, and sometimes difficult, but it's not impossible to play a DD against radar cruisers.

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I haven't updated my "cheat sheet" for all radar in the game yet.

I'm waiting until all of them to come out.

Gimme a few mins and I'll put the old one in my sig.

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