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Battles not loading

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Yesterday it took 6 minutes to load for a battle. Once I finally did load, I had terrible lag and was only able to get about 4 salvos off before WOWS completely locked up (and I probably died about 15 seconds later). This was the only problem I had yesterday.

Tonight, though, I just had two battles in a row where I never loaded at all. The first time I tried restarting the WOWS client, the second time I just waited. Apparently someone reported me for being AFK, so I'm now pink, which is ironic since I never got up from my chair during these 25-30 minutes.

Question: what is up with the extremely long/never load times? Is anyone else experiencing this the last few days? I used to have problems with long load times and lag before I significantly upgraded my computer a couple months ago, but nothing remotely like this.

And a Point: I can understand the need to publicly shame people who do bad stuff (like Teamkilling), but I'd be willing to wager that 90+% of AFKs are due to long load times like this, which are beyond the player's control. Punishing them for it seems a little silly.

Update: did not load for a 3rd consecutive game in a row.

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I used to have similar issues when I had World of Warships installed on my hard drive. Installing the game on a solid state drive seemed to improve load times significantly. I'd suggest trying to repair the game files through the launcher or Wargaming Game Center first to see if that helps. That usually fixes a lot of my problems. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling. 

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