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I think... I have the hang of this

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So today I broke 100k damage in my Fletcher for the first time.

I know not too impressive considering the strength of the Fletcher in game, but I have struggled with her.


With the recent influx of radar cruisers, I have been forced to rethink how I approached caps. As many have said, they tend to flank around and torpedo ships from the side. Earlier today I put this into practice and managed to net about 132k damage.

I want to see if this strategy is an efficient way of helping my team win games, or if this is a case of confirmation bias (sub 50 matches in the Fletcher so far).


And if you DD experten want to drop some Fletcher tips, I am all ears, its a long road to the Gearing for me.


Edit: I don't have any screenshots because I am playing on Mac. I used to have a bootcamp partition, but the HDD died and BootCamp assistant has been a pain recently.

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Chances are you will not have similar scenarios in all your games, but as you build your profile of options you'll see your influence grow.

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