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PTS v2: American cruisers included or not?

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patch notes in general was a pain in the neck to read so I am turning to my trusty forum advisors....


Are the american cruisers included in the second coming of PTS? 

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It doesn't look like we will be seeing the four new US light cruisers in 0.7.6 Public Test part two per Gneisenau013's notes and this section in particular.

American Light Cruisers

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In the previous Update, players got acquainted with the refitted U.S. heavy cruisers and light cruiser Cleveland, which proudly moved to Tier VIII. More details about the ships are available in a dedicated article. With the release of Update 0.7.6, you get the following four new ships from the U.S. light cruiser tech tree: Dallas (Tier VI), Helena (Tier VII), Seattle (Tier IX), and Worcester (Tier X).

Apart from low detectability and great handling, these ships boast rapid-fire 152 mm rifles well suited to putting the hurt on any reckless enemy destroyer or cruiser. However, keep away from battleships, and don't come under massive fire.

Please note that Tier IX and X cruisers come with as many as five slots for consumables:

  • Damage Control Party;
  • Defensive AA Fire;
  • Surveillance Radar;
  • Repair Party;
  • Hydroacoustic Search.

The new ships are undergoing final tests and will not be available on the Public Test servers.


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Good.  Although I'm looking forward to them, I'd like a break in the radar spam for a bit.

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