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new player reaction to T8+ service costs

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2 hours ago, nosinkboatpls said:

I realize this has been posted before millions of times and WG will never do anything about it, but baiting new players with cool high tier ships only to force them to buy premium just to pay for repair costs is very offputting.

The business model is you either play low tiers to afford service costs or you buy premium. I can understand this at some level, maybe I can't play higher tiers all the time as a F2P player, but when you spend so long working towards something and then you realize you won't even be able to use it very often it's a sad feeling. Just my thoughts, I wish they would scale back the service costs at higher tiers or stop balancing credit earnings on a per ship basis to make them less profitable if you can perform better in them.

That being said does tanking damage really lower your repair costs or is it just a flat fee every time? I'm a new(ish) player and just got my first tier 8, I didn't realize this was how WG did things until just now. I went from earning 50-100k credits per match to losing 30k or earning 20k credits per match.

In the game there are plenty of possibilities to have extra credits. For a new player there are levels of the account with rewardings. One may start any campaigns where we have camos, flags, credits, and even supercontainers. Every month there are missions or even marathons. 
One may have premium for free in game without paying. We have Public Tests where anyone may have premium as a reward. 

Don't forget, that some camos with flags work like premium. Plus don't forget there are clans and rank seasons with missions and rewards too. And containers of course. 
I played tier 9 and 10 by myself without premium and from my point of veiw as for player everything is normal with game economy. If you play well you may stay above zero. 

It can be assumed that there may be an issue with particular ship. Than fix is needed.
We have a free to play model. But this model doesn't mean total absence of paying for some additional content if you want more comfort economy for example. Project should run at the expense of something.

1 hour ago, AJTP89 said:

It's a flat fee. If your ship enters the battle, it will cost you the same to repair whether you survived with 100% HP or got detonated 2 minutes in. The rearm cost is variable, the more ordnance you fire, the more it costs. Tanking and performance only increase your credit earnings, they don't affect the repair cost.

1 hour ago, Dan_M_1 said:

This should be the first loading screen tip at the beginning of every match. Maybe if everyone was aware of this  players would not run and hide when they think the match is lost instead of fighting for the win.

Thank you for the mention. 



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