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USS Ranger: How bad is she really? (Tips for new Ranger captain)

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So thanks to a rare SUPERCONTAINER that was kind enough to give me 50,000 free exp I now own USS Ranger CV-4. I've heard a thing or two that this ship is less than great, but I haven't gotten much of a chance to play her all that much. All I know is she has 1 Fighter, 1 TB, 2 DB. I'm not likely to torture myself in Randoms, so I'll likely stick to Co-op for awhile, at least until I can figure out where she works and doesn't (and how to handle 2 DB squadrons at the same time).

Any tips for a new Ranger captain? Anything I should know, or any tricks you know of that would ease along the adjustment into higher-tier CV play? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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As a CV main, you are going to hate the Ranger grind.  It's a weird ship, and you'll end up facing off against a lot of Saipans.  Just group up for an Alpha strike, and send it at anything that is south of the enemies fighters if your facing a Saipan, it is a slow game.  Versus another Ranger, go nuts, the person who has mastered straffing will decide the winner as your fighters are golden, so use them sparingly.

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You should have used the 50k to skip it.

Or the Lexington, but at least Lexy has a few things going for it.

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