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Looking for active, high skilled clan

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Hello all,

My name is ExplodingPeach, I'm looking for a high skilled clan to join. While I am relatively new to the game, I have quickly become a formidable player and caller. During the last campaign, I joined a clan towards the end of the season (CVA-16), and proceeded to raise the clan rank from squall 3 to gale 2 in a single night. I do not consider myself an excellent caller, but since I was able to call my team with multiple rental ships and a meme comp, I feel that I could become one with a little grooming. 

You can check out stats on me ------>   http://www.wowstats.org/stats/na/explodingpeach/  but I'll give a quick summary. 

1343 Overall

1422 Recent

Proficient in cruisers and destroyers, I know how to be a good BB but the gameplay is not my style. 

Progress: T9 in Russian Cruisers, T8 in German Cruisers, T6 American destroyer (not sure which dd is most meta so haven't spent time on it)

700+ battles

I've got Discord and Teamspeak and a good mic so communication isn't a problem. If age matters, I'm 20.

So yeah, I'm looking for a clan to help me hone my calling skills, active players, smart people who will listen but are also not afraid to point out my faults (I'm still learning) so I can help raise the clan to a higher level. 

I figured here would be the easiest place to get some clan's attention instead of applying to a bunch of clans that may or may not be a good fit. 


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Hey Peach, I'll send you a message in game, hop on discord.gg/3mxBMRX.  You're the type of player we're looking for, let's see if SCREW is a good fit for you.


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You are welcome to hang out with us on our discord and see if its a fit for you. However, in order to plan CBs we require t10s that you own not rentals. Links are in my signature.

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