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Latest client release crash weirdness.

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So, I don't think it's unknown that a lot of people are complaining about more crashes in the last patch. I just found a new one, previously they seemed to be tied to sound in some way.

Background, I played for several hours yesterday, I do not turn off my computer on the weekends because I'm pretty much perpetually in front of it. I played a different game most of the evening. I got up this morning clicked the client to load it and ...


I tried to load the game in "safe mode' - did nothing, same error.

I tried to verify the cache - did nothing, same error.

There were no patches and I changed nothing in the system at all in the interim.

I know that sometimes Firefox's plug-ins cause memory leaks and other weirdness and Youtube is particularly bad about this (probably, in my case, because I have a lot of ad blocking and anti-tracking stuff installed and Youtube is continuously trying to reload that crapand it quickly gets in to the hundreds on any given open tab). I killed Firefox from process explorer and oh look WoWs loads magically. I have 16 GB of ram, no, it was nowhere near being close to full in use.

I'd like to point out that dll referenced in the error message is included in the WoW's folder in the same place that the executable is. I've never had an issue leaving a web browser open on a different display and closing/opening/playing the game in the entirety of the time I've played (over a year every day). I think both are at fault because something definitely changed in the last patch or two. I went from 1 crash every 3 months or so to several a week now. Some of those are definitely tied to sound and putting the game back at normal sound from ultra fixed maybe half of those.

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I would do a cold shutdown and restart. I have had to do this a few times both due to the new version of the game and Windows 10 1803. I have seen quite a few memory leak issues. With that said, in order to a true shutdown with Windows 10, you'll need to go to Settings > System > Power and Sleep > Click on Additional Power Settings > Choose What the power buttons do and UNcheck Turn on Fast Startup. NOW your computer will actually shut down and you can clear bugged things out of memory.

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