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The Relation Between Xp and Damage???

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Would someone care to try to explain this? How the [edited] did I get close to 1k base xp with only 15k damage?


Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.48.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.48.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.49.49 PM.png


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Well XP goes and buys some flowers and they go out on a very romantic date and with any luck XP will do some damage.  This of course is so long as damage does not say no due to RNG being at the same restaurant 

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There is no direct correlation. XP and credits are awarded for different actions. For example, base resets and captures don't award credits but do award XP. Soloing a 70k hp battleship will give more credits than a 40k cruiser, but roughly the same XP.

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Only recently have I started learning that XP received from dealing damaged is proportionate to the ship's HP. Back in my earlier days I frequently targeted battleships and dueled them in my cruisers and BBs, instead of focusing on enemy cruisers and destroyers. If I do, say 15k damage to a BB with 55k HP, that's just a bit over a quarter of his HP. However, if I do 15k damage to a cruiser with 35k HP, that's closer to half of his HP gone. The larger will give me significantly more experience than the former. Now if I do the same 15k damage to a DD, it's pretty much his entire health pool assuming he's a mid-tier DD. That will give me even more EXP. Sure, raw damage is great, but damage and EXP is proportionately based on percentage of ship's HP.


to illustrate this:

Assume I take 13,000 health off of a Nagato and a Myoko, and 8000 HP off of a Shiratsuyu.

Nagato has 65000 HP-13000/65000=20% of his HP pool


Myoko has 39200 HP-13000/39200=33.1% of his HP pool


Shiratsuyu has 12800 HP-say I do 8000 damage to it



As you can see, smacking 8000 HP from the DD is dealing a much larger proportionate amount of damage though the raw damage is lower. So, you will be getting the most EXP smacking 8000 HP from the DD.











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The Warship Gods use math to calculate your base EXP and it goes something like ..... 



which may or may NOT equal your 995 base -- it is then reviewed and verified after strict tabulations by top notch mathematicians are conducted =

Related image

and you get you base EXP.  It's all just simple math.



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