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Well this ended interestingly

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I'll let the replay speak for itself.

Excellent Ending.wowsreplay

Yes I renamed it so I know not to delete it... probably should put the game version in there too...

Oh well.

For those who don't want to see the replay:

The game ended with two ships ramming each other. Monarch, on the enemy team, sole survivor moments before the ram, and a King George on my team. Moments before the ram took place, the Monarch destroyed our Belfast, bringing him up to 4 kills. King George also had 4 kills. They ram, and boom, they both get Kraken and end the game. Monarch also earned High Caliber from the ram as well.

Now, I thought for sure the two Kraken earners would have been top player by experience earned, but as the image below showcases...


Now, only a single name is crossed out, for reason that should be obvious. Despite the not so great numbers here, I still feel each of them did decently, sometimes the game just works against you. Great job to everyone, but I only had two compliments at the time of this battle, and they just had to go to the two who earned Kraken.

And now for the stroking of my Ego portion of this post:


Look at them credits, and that experience, and all that delicious free experience.

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Without watching the game, I would suspect the third place Kraken did more kill securing, or maybe the guys who beat him on your team took or defended caps, killed destroyers rather than kill-stole battleships, etc. All those things would boost their XP hugely.

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