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Task completion didn't show in post battle results (PBRs).

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The rewards were given so not complaining here just giving data (w/screen shots for comparison as it worked properly in a later battle).

2 screen shots for each example...1st shot of each set shows PBRs & 2nd shots show stars being received in campaign rewards screen.

Note: These 2 tasks (Mission 1 tasks 1 & 2 of Halsey campaign) were both already completed once each so this was just star farming...but in 2nd example completion results showed up in PBRs despite already being completed.

1st example:


Note star given for task 2 despite not showing up in PBRs...&


2nd example:


Proper results of 1st task in PBRs & in campaign rewards screen.

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It might be that if you were in a battle with another ship, got sunk and then exited the battle, immediately jumped back into a battle in your Musashi, the first battle ended before the second and that got enough credits to finish task 2. The battle in the Musashi wouldn't show the progress to the completion of the task, because, well, the task was already complete, and you hadn't collected the star yet.

Of course, it could be a bug. My medal for chief naval architect kept telling me that I had researched 60+ ships out of the 50 needed, but it still wouldn't give it to me. One of the recent patches fixed it, and it's not like it was a big deal, but little bugs like that happen.  

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