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Sometimes, Mistakes Lead To Good Things

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Tonight, I decided to log in just to complete the combat mission for Operation Killer Whale.

Only I didn't, and instead entered randoms in my Pensacola.

The first match we lost badly and I, determined to make up for the anemic 29k damage of the first round, played two more matches in Pensacola before finally winning the third with a confederate award, 4 kills, and 2035 base xp. But that's not the best thing about tonight.

As it turns out, there was a very friendly division consisting of a Schors and a Fuso on my team for the second Pensacola match, and on the enemy team for the third and final match.

After the match, we engaged in conversation, and I found out that I was actually talking to the wife of a husband-wife duo. In other words, the married couple had divisioned up to play WoWs!

She was a very nice lady, and I'm glad I met her, which I never would have if I had correctly selected operations instead!

Life is a funny thing, sometimes.


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That's really nice! How cool! Sometimes life has a funny way of making a bad situation turn good

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Lucky guy.  Sure wish my wife would play WoWS with me, but it'd be a cold day in hell before that ever realistically happened.

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