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Proposed DD armor change, A different take.

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I've been thinking about the proposed reduction in high tier DD armor from 19mm to 13mm, and I don't think it's entirely about the damage BB guns do to destroyers.

Two of the lines I expect to see "SoonTM" in WOWS are the RN DD line and the Pan American DD line. Both lines have rather small caliber guns at the high tiers, with the RN having 114mm guns on the Z class, Battles and Daring boats, and the high end PanAm boats probably using a mix of 102mm, 114mm and 120mm guns.

Switching the standard DD armor from 19mm to 13mm quickly levels the playing field for those small caliber boats, allowing them to do HE damage without the IFHE skill. (Except to Khab, because "Balance", Comrade...) Obviously a sweeping change like this is going to affect every type of boat to some extent, I just found it interesting that WG would choose  make large changes in armor values when the root cause of the BB gun issue is double dipping, not penetrations as such... It seems more likely that they are looking forward to balancing those new lines and using the BB issue as an easy way to get two birds with one stone.

Am I onto something, or just on something??? :cap_yes:




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