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Public Test 0.7.6

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Session 1  16:30 UTC (19:30 FET)  07 Jun 2018, Thursday  - 13:00 UTC (16:00 FET) 12 Jun 2018, Tuesday 

Session 2  16:30 UTC (19:30 FET)  14 Jun 2018, Thursday    - 13:00 UTC (16:00 FET) 18 Jun 2018, Monday


The second update of the American frenzy is on the horizon and will be dedicated to the new split of U.S. light cruisers. The upcoming Update 0.7.6 brings you the Arsenal, a place where you can exchange Coal and Steel for ships and other valuable loot; a new Operation that will take you right into the heat of a night battle that unfolded in the Empress Augusta Bay; a new season of Clan Battles where you'll be able to put up a second squad; updated maps; and a re-decorated New York port. But most importantly, you get several brand new light cruisers that will join the U.S. fleet. Join the Public Test to grab all the rewards!

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Update is released. 

American Light Cruisers



In the previous Update, players got acquainted with the refitted U.S. heavy cruisers and light cruiser Cleveland, which proudly moved to Tier VIII. More details about the ships are available in a dedicated article. With the release of Update 0.7.6, you get the following four new ships from the U.S. light cruiser tech tree: Dallas (Tier VI), Helena (Tier VII), Seattle (Tier IX), and Worcester (Tier X).

Apart from low detectability and great handling, these ships boast rapid-fire 152 mm rifles well suited to putting the hurt on any reckless enemy destroyer or cruiser. However, keep away from battleships, and don't come under massive fire.

Please note that Tier IX and X cruisers come with as many as five slots for consumables:

  • Damage Control Party;
  • Defensive AA Fire;
  • Surveillance Radar;
  • Repair Party;
  • Hydroacoustic Search.

The new ships are undergoing final tests and will not be available on the Public Test servers.


Cherry Blossom



The new Operation is inspired by the true events of a battle that occurred in the Empress Augusta Bay. The battle will unfold near the shores of Bougainville Island in Oceania.

If you want to see the first rays of the rising sun again, you'll have to give it everything you’ve got in this encounter. Square off against Japanese forces, fighting under the cloak of night, to repel their attack and provide cover for allied landings.

During the night battle, ships will be much harder to detect. The incoming enemy forces are well-prepared, and will rely on the use of illumination shells and bombs. If you find yourself within an area illuminated by such a shell, your ship will be easier to detect while the enemy will continue to effectively hide away under the cover of darkness.

But every night must end. At the break of dawn, allied aircraft carriers will emerge on the horizon to help you fight off the enemy's air strike and bring your continued offensive against the Japanese fleet to a successful completion. Destroy the enemy aerodromes, detect the retreating enemy cruisers, and don't let them escape from the bay!

To participate in the Operation, you'll need U.S., U.K., French, or Soviet cruisers of Tier VIII.


Clan Battles. Season 3



Captains! It’s time to prepare for fierce naval clashes in the forthcoming new season of Clan Battles! The new season called "Sleeping Giant" will be based on the same rules you already know very well:

  • Battles are played with Tier X ships;
  • Battles are played in the 7v7 format; no more than one battleship per team, no carriers;
  • There are five Leagues for you to climb through to get to the top: Squall League, Gale League, Storm League, Typhoon League, and Hurricane League;
  • Rewards may differ slightly from those issued during the previous seasons.

Apart from the standard rules, you get matchmaking improvements, updated maps, and the opportunity to assemble a second squad:

  • In the upcoming season, matchmaking will take a bit longer than during the previous season but now clans will be thrown into battles against other clans from adjacent positions in the Rating;
  • Now, when creating a division, the commander will be able to choose which squad—"Alpha" or "Bravo"— his division will play for. The highest rating will be treated as the Clan's main rating;
  • The following six maps will serve as battlegrounds for the "Sleeping Giant" season: Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, Tears of the Desert, and, of course, Sleeping Giant;
  • Especially for the new season of Clan Battles, we have reworked the landscape on the following three maps: Hotspot, Mountain Range, and Sleeping Giant. These changes are intended to provide for a better balance between opposing teams and will greatly affect the competitive modes of the game with a very tiny effect on Random Battles.

During the Public Test, Clan Battles will be fought in the lighter 3x3 format; rented Tier X ships will not be available. The conditions for progressing through Leagues will be noticeably simplified, too, compared to those on the live server.





Have you run out of signals you need in battles? Or do you need a new camo for your ships? Welcome to the Arsenal!

At the Arsenal, you can exchange Coal and Steel for signal flags, camo, containers, special upgrades—and even ships! Earning these resources on the Public Test server is no big deal. For participating in battles, you'll get special containers with enough resources for you to be able to afford the majority of goodies available in the Arsenal. Use Coupons to get discounts for particular items in the Arsenal.

During the Public Test, the "Ships" section will offer you all Tier X ships. Play several battles of any type, earn the required amount of resources, and exchange them for any top-tier ship you like!

But bear in mind that all Tier X's will be available in the Arsenal for the duration of the Public test only! On the live server, the choice of ships in the Arsenal will be different.

When the Update hits the servers, resources will be granted for your successes in Ranked and Clan Battles as well as for completing different combat missions. This won't be easy! When the Update is released, players will get a nice bonus for some of their earlier achievements.


New York Port


The New York Port will be getting a new festive look in celebration of the 4th of July and the release of the new cruisers: The night-lit "Big Apple" will welcome you with fireworks and illuminating flashlights!

Join the Public Test and be the first to check out the changes that will appear in Update 0.7.6! Collect your rewards and don't forget to share your impressions with us!

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