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what am i doing wrong with the roon

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Got the roon last week. Despite the fact that it needs to run on an angle to use its guns I dont mind it. However I have the worst winrate of any ship, ever, in it. 20%. Statistically I should win more games being afk. So, its probably me thats doing something wrong consistently and not always the team's fault


So, analysis sought from players more familiar with the ship.

1. I think my av damage is ok. apparently the server average is 50374 (If I read it correctly).

2. 0.6 K/G. Im damaging ships but not killing enough. That hurts the team.

3. Yes, I use AP more than HE, especially on broadsides, but sometimes you gotta kite like a [edited] and burn at range.

4. More often than not I am in the top 3 of the team. I do tend to be isolated, but keep multiple ships occupied... and then am confused about why 8 team mates lose to 5 enemy.

only thought to save the last two replays for analysis (todays and yesterdays attempt). might not be a good indicator of normal game play from me... but anyhow, hope these work.



thanks. constructive criticism appreciated. gitgudnoob less so.


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You are simply a victim of small sample size. Your stats as a whole (when adjusting for the win/loss record) correspond to a win rate likely ending up between 50 and 55%, so above average. 

You won't get a large number of kills in a Roon compared to your damage output - you have fairly low alpha and will be dealing a lot of chip damage with the 1/4 pen HE. 

I don't have time to look at the replays (2 games is not really enough anyways), but in general I would play at least 50 games before really taking a look at performance. I personally often grind through ships in less than that, so I know sample size is messing me up a fair bit. It takes a surprisingly large number of games for your win rate to converge to within 5% (95% confidence interval) of its true value. 

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 Like he said, small sample size.  Your numbers are good.  You'll have a good run soon.

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