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CV, possible to adjust squads?

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I'm still a bit new to the game so I don't know if this is possible or not.  If it is, please spell it out to me in easy to understand instructions.

I've got the Ranger (US, VII tier) and it provides me with 1 fighter, 1 torp and 2 bombers (squads that is) with a total of 43 aircraft.  I was wondering if it's possible to have 2 sets of fighters instead of 2 sets of bombers.  Also, when in battle, there is an overwhelming amount of spare bombers (individual planes) and was wondering if I could delegate how the extra aircraft are spread out.


One other thing I was wondering, unrelated to the above (well mostly unrelated)..  How does the Superintendent Skill work?  Keep in mind that I'm still new to the game, so using make sure to elaborate some instead of just making a quick mention of something, otherwise it'll just go right over my head (just like the planes from the carrier do).

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You're limited to the FCS your carrier comes with. There is no way to adjust your plane composition outside of that.

Superintendent simply gives you +1 of every limited issue consumable. Things like hydro, radar, DFAA, repairs - not sure Ranger comes with any of those. DFAA is at all. Superintendent is kind of a useless skill for carriers.

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