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Well, this is infuriating.

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Was disconnected from the server, and after several attempts, I couldn't log back in. I went to the customer service as suggested, but for some reason, it wouldn't let me login there either, so I am unable to submit a ticket for this problem. And yes, despite being logged in on the forums here, when I go to the customer service website, it says I am not logged in.

Oh and remember the patch note: "Fixed the bug that changed the player's status in the system for prevention of unsporting conduct after a server disconnect."

Yeah, that's a load of bull. Managed to login after it registered my ship as dead, straight to port. Once the battle was over, Unsporting conduct penalty... still unable to login to the costumer service website, to submit a ticket.

WG: No more new ships. No more new content. FIX WHAT YOU HAVE FIRST!

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This happens to me ever so often.  It's isp problems.  For some reason att would not connect to any WG site or app. Lasted about an hour.  Has happened to me twice.  Not one computer or device would connect even to the WG website.  Funny thing is if I disconnected my phone from Wi-Fi and used cellular I could get connected to the WG website

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