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Possible historical background for the operations

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So far there has been 8 operations offered by WG for some enhanced PVE gameplay (farewell Dunkirk, RIP Narai ). Now personally I am not a PVE main and just play for the stars from start, later for some little gimmicky rewards from missions these days. Nevertheless, playing them sometimes gave me some sort of Deja vu from some naval history books or BSP form time to time. So with the help of googling, game wiki, and memory,  I managed to piece up my best guess for some scenarios.(I am still clueless for the Raptor Rescue though ) 

Some sections needs some missing screenshots from the game, if you have any, I will be glad to add it into the post for some more visualization.

Killer Whale (the most obvious one in my opinion)



In this operation, all bots are German ships, so we are presumably playing on RN or US navy side. But all this enclosed harbor and heavy fortifications only to protect some 5 ww1 ships really reminds me of 1 battle in particular: battle of Heligoland bight (1914)  Notice the similar size and shape of this bay to the real one


Moreover, the actually German losses were somewhat realistically depicted in the game, in the real battle, Germany lost the light cruisers Mainz, Köln (kolberg class)and Ariadne and the destroyer V-187 (same class as V25) sunk. Moreover, the course of action mirrors what the British naval command have planned before, a simple-hit-and-run (although no Germans were coming back into the harbor serving as reinforcements )

File:Op Killer Whale 6.jpg

Now just to point out some major differences:

1.The British used the cover of fog to close in and ambush the Germans, avoiding the gunfire from costal forts. Whereas in the game we are required to suppress the forts instead of avoiding them

2.No German BBs participated in this action as it took time for them to wait for the tide turn in their favor (literally). That Hosho there is just for some varied gameplay (why do they name it as futa ?????).





In this operation, all bots are IJN ships, so we are presumably playing on US side. Due to the fact that this Is a reused Mountain Range map from random and coop games, so there is really no hint on the location of this battle. But the save allied transport and escort them out of the area really reminds me of a mission in BSP: Battle of Cape Esperance (in the respective part all the transport were to be destroyed instead of captured ) So I guess that WOWS is paying homage to this naval game classic in this way.


Here is the actual course of the fleets during this campaign btw.


Raptor rescue (Still no idea)



In this operation, all bots are IJN ships, so we are presumably playing on the US navy side. This is a bit tricky to identify cause ranger never operated in pacific theater of the war, neither did I remember any of the US cvs have any similar experience. So this one is still undecided for me.

Defense of Naval Station Newport



In this operation, bots are combined IJN and German ships, so we are presumably playing on the Allies side. Given there are no combined surface fleet actions between the Japan and Germany during the war, the battle here is most likely fictional. But since the terrain used textures from the Atlantic map....File:Defense Of Naval Station 2.jpg

My best bet is that place is modeled to represent Gibraltar,  after all to mount such a massive attack on a single position means that this place is of high strategic value,  Gibraltar fits that description well.



Ultimate Frontier



In this operation, all bots are US ships, so we are presumably playing on the IJN side.

The base was heavily fortified using stock guns from Furutaka class heavy cruisers. Given that the amount of construction in the area, I can assume that Rouen Atoll is modeled after a major Japanese garrison in the pacific:  either Turk or Rabaul. Given that Turk is mostly a large lagoon rather a large enclosed bay. I would say that this island is mostly modeled after Rabaul. Although major campaigns happened here is mostly aerial combat, no surface engagements. It is worth mentioning that till the end of the war, this place stills holds a garrison of 69,000 man with a great deal of equipment which can assemble fighter planes. Rumors say that local Japanese troops even gathered some personnel with university education for R&D purposes,  what they had developed remained a mystery as all of the achievements were destroyed on purpose when they surrendered.

Map of Rabaul


The city of Rabaul

File:The Ultimate Frontier 8.jpg

Rouen Atoll




In this operation, all bots are German ships, so we are presumably playing on French side. As this mission is mostly based on the evacuation of the French gold, and conform  with the hype of new French BBs But in reality, no high tier French ships actually participated in this action, ships like Émile Bertin (lovely T5) cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (a school ship) and aircraft carrier Béarn (converted from Normandy class BB' hull) are the only French navy ship participated in this action. Several other large sea liners also participated in this action too.

(sorry no screenshot available at tis time)

Some major differences:

Although this situation was intense due to impending surrender of France, it is worth noting that all the voyages made during this operations were pretty uneventful as Kriegsmarine lacked a sufficient naval force to make any intercepts, not even their pride U-boats as the fleet was sailing too fast for them to lay ambush. The massive wave of bots rushing to us in this operation made up nearly the entire KMS surface fleet built over the course of ww2,  but nearly all of them were busy operating elsewhere, not available to attack the gold convoy.



Narai (RIP)



In this operation, all bots are Allied ships, US RN and even some Russian navy , so we are presumably playing on the Axis side. Since we are assaulting a large bay area with high mountain covering its sides,and a large port city within this really reminds me of the sights of Norwegian fjords: narrow straights cutting through steep rocky mountains. Like this one near Oslo With this, we can say that this action we are playing as Kriegsmarine as IJN haven't operated this far to the north.


With these info, I can positively say that this operation is designed to represent the German naval attempt to capture the Norwegian capital during the Operation Weserübung  Although in reality this attempt only result in the loss of cruiser Blücher





Nothing much to say there as this whole operation is created for the co-op with Nolan's film,  and this operation most likely represents the first 2 days of the evacuation. Still in reality the S-boat spam is a lesser threat to the convoy than the Luftwaffe (2 vs 4 ships sunk).  Also if my memory served me well, the Dover castle is visible on the northwestern part of this map.

Those S-boats really made me mad back then, so mad that I got some PTSD from them. So when playing the Zeebrugge and Heligoland map in bf1 I want to blow up every MAS boat In sight when on a L -class DD so irritating.









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