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Free elite captain xp?

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I watched one of Notser's videos and he said that when the cruiser split comes all you have to do is play a game in one of your new USN cruisers and you get 190k free elite captain xp for the purpose of moving a captain around and re-spec.  Did anyone else hear/read this anywhere?  I tried to look for the video that I heard him say it but I couldn't find it.


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TL;DR: Play a game with your Pensacola.

From the notes at https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/american-cruisers/

Please note! When Update 0.7.5 hits the live servers, all players will have a chance to complete the following combat mission: Play one battle of any type with Tier VI cruiser Pensacola to get 190,000 Elite Commander XP. This will allow you to easily redistribute the skill points of the Commander or retrain the Commander of the Tier VI Cleveland to the new ship. The combat mission will become available for completion until June 29. Please note, that this combat mission is not visible in the mission list!


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