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how to succeed in GK?

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it seems like if we lose all the DDs, no one is willing to push and the lemmings all come forth to the same place, there isn't anything possible to salvage the game in this ship. 

What do? 

What's the secret to percentage success?

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Wait till the 2nd half the game to push. If this isn't possible, then it's kida of a "do what damage you can" before the enemy team wins...

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As with other High Tier German BBs, 3 things.


Patience - Unless the reds make a stupid mistake where a hard push is possible early on, preserve GK's strength.  Watch where you place her to avoid getting focus fired and eating needless damage.  The whole point is to keep GK intact for...


Know when it's time to throw the Steel Gauntlet of GK down people's throats.  I cannot tell you when this happens.  It's instinct.  You have to read and constantly pay attention to what's going on in the match.  You have to account for ship losses of the teams, what's left in the area, what are people doing, sensing when the reds are an inch away from being broken and forced to run, seeing if local enemy ships would be vulnerable to your GK without your own BB getting rekt in the process (you see only some non-torpedo Cruisers and no DDs in the area), etc.  When the time is right, commit GK for the push.  GK in decent strength being a centerpiece of a push is amazing, but if timed improperly, she's in trouble.


You can't be so far back preserving the ship where your unreliable guns are even more unreliable.  Parking at 18-20km is a Fail for any German BB.  Until it's time to commit, 15km or so is a happy medium.  You can still easily go dark at that range if you need to disengage (provided you had a Stealth Build incorporated).  The gunnery at 15km isn't too terrible.  If the opening for a push presents itself, you are in close enough range to quickly help make it happen.

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