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How to play PA dd + build

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I am a new DD player trying to like PA dds. Im up to the t4 as of yet. I need help with the playstyle of them. Also what are soom good gunboat builds. (Please dont use abbreviations when listing capt skills)

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They are gunboats mostly. They vary tier to tier as they are based on designs from different nations.

T4 you play like Clemson. Good guns and speed

PA DD torpedoes (other than Anshan and Lo Yang), are deep water torpedoes (DWT) meaning they cannot hit other DDs so don't even try. The torpedo marker will change to let you know the target is not suitable.

For Captain Skills recommendations loot at ShipComrade


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For captain skills, I would go with:


Priority Target or Preventative Maintenance (depends on style, I like the former)

Last Stand (for tough rudder) or Adrenaline Rush (faster reloads)

Superintendent gives more smoke screens

Concealment expert makes you stealthier.


Those would be my baseline, anything after that is gravy.

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I love the Pan-Asian DDs, possibly my favorite line. While they do vary a bit they are excellent hybrid DDs. Good guns and good torps.  They play very much like USN DDs. As for a build, the following is what I use on my Shenyang, ChungMu, and Yueyang. It doesn't work well for Fushun though, Fushun, while very strong is different than the others and needs different skills. 

First 10 pts. 

Priority Target, Last Stand, Survivability Expert (I disagree strongly with pewpewpew on Superintendent as they already have plenty of smoke charges assuming you use premium consumables..which you should.) and lastly Concealment Expert. 

Next, you want Torpedo Armament Expertise then Adrenaline rush.  The last final 4 pts can either go to Radio Location (what most will recommend) or Preventative Maintenance (Yueyang seems to have issues with her turrets getting knocked out so I think this is important) and either Basic Firing Training or Demolitions Expert (I like DE).

Here is the final build. 



Ps, Learn abbreviations cause they save people trying to help you time.

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In the lower tiers you can use torpedoes to get DDs out of the smoke. 

This will work less well in the higher tiers, because those players have better knowledge about the game mechanics :) 

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