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I love the Z-39

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Why another thread on this ship?  Because it is a really unique Destroyer what deserves as many threads as you can get!  Also I want to see an M Class cruiser and a light cruiser line someday.  What does the M Class have to do with this real life destroyer though?  A lot, I think, because this ship is a lot more like a cruiser than even the other ships in the tech tree.  The 150mm guns - they are few and they aren’t good up close as those of a Sims, but they are a lot faster and when they do connect they do more damage.  If I had a dedicated captain for this I would use IFHE.  Maybe that is what I’ll do with Franz Jutland, eventually.  The point is you can get citadels on cruisers if they are close, and since it’s tier VII you get to fight a whole lot of Tier VIs and whatnot.


The guns aren’t the only cruiser-like thing.  The ship handles like a cruiser, as do all the German DDs after the Tier V.  It’s not a hugely brad thing, just something that makes them different from American ships, so you have to be more careful.  The sonar is good to have but it’s not like on a Pyongyang or a higher tier German, and with the slow guns it is more of a tool of situational use rather than the primary offensive technique.


The AA is enough to shoot down a spotter plen.  It could be a lot worse.  I think it’s better in its weight class than Z-52’s AA.  


Now how does this tie in to the Class M and the future German CL line?  Fewer guns, good steering for a cruiser but worse than most DDs, and important torpedo armament.  I could very well see a Class M at Tier VII what played like this ship.  It’s beefier than Maas which makes sense.  It is the trend I would try and follow for the new line.

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