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A Strange Game...

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I popped into a Random game with the New Mexico by accident. I actually meant to play the Operation, and thought I'd had that game mode selected, but mistakes happen and no big deal. Anyway, the battle launched immediately when I hit the queue and it wasn't hard to figure out why! Matchmaker threw us into a 7-on-7 battle, so someone had obviously been sitting there for more than just a few minutes. To compound the oddity of a tier 5/6 random with such small teams, we had double carriers. A tier 5 and 6 CV on each side. So we had 2 CV's, 1 BB, 2 CL's, and 2 DD's on each side. All of us being relatively inexperienced and/or potatoes, it was kind of funny in the chat. We were all asking each other - and in open chat with the other team - "What are we supposed to do with this setup?" I actually wondered for a second if this wasn't some Twilight Zone version of Ranked.


Well, our Independence decided to do something very strange and quite unexpected...



...Yeah, our top tier CV went full tilt Leeroy Jenkins!

He did go down shortly after this screenshot was taken, but we were still able to manage a victory. It was actually a pretty fun game, but very, very strange.

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