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Is it all right to brag about Operations?

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Well I just beat all of my previous records (all ships) on Aegis, with the Molotov. We only 4 stared the operation. We killed the first 2 waves of ships and then the enemy escorts too fast and the transports headed to the base early. They were a bit close to the wave that comes in from the North-East and we lost a transport. The trouble was that the team was too good. Kudos to all of ya all. I was so proud that I had to upload the game to WOWs Replay.  If you want to make really good credits on Aegis this is how you do it. This route works well with smoke cruisers as well as with the Molotov. The Molotov's 180s can citadel the cruisers from a much further distance than 152's can and avoids a lot of flack just because it can be further away. Smoke cruisers can go the same way because the smoke allows them to get close enough (7.5 k or less) to get consistent citadels.




I wonder what the stats would have been if it was a 5 star. I did have on credit signals and camo of course. I am sure a lot of people have done better than this. I get similar results (OK this was my best so far, but not that far from average) all of the time on Aegis. It's the one scenario that one or two people can actually carry the team.

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Epic! Always great to hear players enjoying themselves! No harm in bragging when a game goes right! ;) 

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You can most definitely brag once you get the award "major contribution" deal 50% of your teams total damage and successfully complete the operation." hint average damage per ship is about 100k. so if your team needs to do say 800k damage to win the operation.  you have to do 401k of that damage by your self. the highest I have is 300k with a cv.


either way over 200k damage with a Molotov is OP carrying mode no matter which way you look at it. great job


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