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YAADLA: Serrano - Chile

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CNS Tieniente Serrano



Following the successes of the Lynch and Williams (Faulkner) class large DDs, in 1927, Chile once again went to Britain to build another series of custom destroyers. Smaller and faster than their predecessors, the Serrano class DD’s were floating Swiss Army Knives, combining guns, torpedoes, and mine laying/sweeping equipment into one handy package. Let’s take a detailed look at these South American delights.


Photo Op aboard sister ship Ingeniero Hyatt with the crew lining the rails


Displacing ~1450 tons depending on variant, a 10K hit pool is in line at T4.



Even among destroyers, the Serrano class was notoriously lightly built. How thin can you get???


Main Battery:

3 x 1 120mm Vickers Mk E (A-B-Y)

Minor variations of the British QF Mk IX found on the Gallant, they used a CPVIII mount that the RN had rejected because of bad ergonomics, reducing the ROF to 10 rpm.



1x 76.2mm Mk I

3 x 7.62mm machine guns (stock)

3 x 20mm Oerlikon (1945 upgrade)

3 x 120mm Vickers Mk E (Estimated stats: 7.5 DPM @ 4.5 km range)

The reason for those bad ergonomics??? The CPVIII was an early attempt to place DP main guns on a DD. The gun height needed for AA fire may have reduced the ROF at surface targets, but it also gives the Serrano unequaled AA power at the tier. Especially considering the slow plane speeds at T4, the main guns will relentlessly chip away at attack squads, and when 3 20mm Oerlikons replace those puny machine guns, the inner ring is comparable to the total AA of any other DD at its level. Certainly, CV’s will find the Serrano too hot to handle.



2 x 3 533mm British Mk II

10K damage, 51 knots, 7.3 km range.

Also found on the Phra Ruang and Shenyang PA DD’s, they come complete with operator’s manuals, ensuring the correct depth setting for whatever target they are shot at…



Classic 10/1 lines and 36 knot top speed are well in line, being much slower than the Shenyang, much faster than the Isokaze, and competitive with the rest.



Beyond the typical smoke/boost of a standard DD, I believe the Pan American line would be well served with an additional slot with a choice of DFAA or a ROF boosting consumable that would reduce the main gun reload by 10-20% for a short period of time (60 seconds with 120/180 sec cooldown.) As a line, the DD’s have good to excellent AA and high ROF but high arc main guns, a consumable choice like this would allow captains to customize their boats to their own styles while giving WG an additional balance parameter to differentiate them from other lines.


Hyatt again, they are still there…



120mm, super firing main guns

Superfiring arrangement makes for comfortable gunnery

Good speed and competitive health

Stealth fired torpedoes

The ability to tell “Yo Mama” jokes to CV players



Low absolute DPM, only higher than the Isokaze

3 turrets reduce redundancy in case of damage

Gallant shell arcs…



The hull is good, the torpedoes are good, and the AA is great. The questions are the guns and how everything integrates into an operating boat. 3 guns and the second worst raw DPM at tier are bad numbers, but the superfiring arrangement allows easier application of that DPM. Only the Clemson and Izzy match the Serrano’s DPM when bow-on, and the additional penetration of a 120mm shell, whether HE or AP, cannot be discounted. I believe it sits comfortably in the middle in maneuverability, torpedo performance and overall artillery, adding situational but excellent AA power when CV’s are present.


Seriously, guys??? Go inside!!!

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Exelent, and again I agree with the tier. But you could add a little detail in the serrano's life. They were too light and could not serve in the south of Chile (or Argentina, the potential enemy) 

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