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Learn something new every day: gun depression varies with POV

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So there I was mercilessly slaying bots for my von Jutland captain since the Random teams this weekend are the purest Idaho varieties. I head into a conga line of bot BBs which are obligingly closing with my Atlanta... but I am so close at 0.4 kms that my guns won't depress...


...Want to fire AP into its deck-belt gap but in binoc view the guns won't depress enough. But if I step back out to the regular view...


...I have no trouble hitting the deck-belt gap for a couple of 6K AP salvos.

All these games I have, and yet I never realized that in binoc view the gun depression possibilities are different.

*The upper shot was actually taken after the salvo in the lower pic because I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I switched back to binoc view to make sure.

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Thanks for that explanation! I've experienced the same and it has frustrated me greatly. Now I know...learning has occurred (and in only half the battles!)


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Hey Tai!  Yeah, you can actually stay zoomed in to a degree.  IIRC if you pull back 3 to 4 clicks from full zoom you gain the extra gun depression.  Comes in very handy with BB Brawling!

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