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Is this a historical accuracy or modelling error?

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Hi, I am recently playing German dds, however, I noticed among high tier dds, only tier 8 Z-23 has no radar on the deck, while others do have an obvious radar on the deck, even Z-1. I checked if it was a historical reason, but it turned out not. There suppose to be a radar at the blank top behind the bridge, so I am wondering if this is a modelling error or a historical accuracy yet I don't know?:cap_hmm::cap_hmm::cap_hmm:





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Strangely enough, I'm looking at the Allied recognition manual and I can't see such a radar array in it.

Feel free to take a look at it yourself:


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I made a small check through my book and found this Picture:


(excuse the somewhat poor Quality, I was too lazy to scan it and just took a photo via phone)

This is a Picture of Z-23 during her early career, taken somewhere before 1942 (when the twin turret was installed). She obviously carries the small air search Radar.

Does she have the Radar dish when upgrading to the B-Hull?

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According to the "Destroyers of World War II an International Encyclopedia by M.J. Whitley concerning the Type 36a class which includes the Z-23 through Z-30 ships:

Keels were laid in 1938 through 1940 and completed 1940 through 1942.  In view of the delays, this class was completed with radar (FuM021 type), tripod mast and degaussing cables.  With regard to radar:  " The original FuM021 radar outfit on the bridge was replaced by the larger FuM025 in surviving units in the summer of 1943.  Then, from the summer of 1944, a Hohentheil set was fitted just aft of the second funnel.  The usual array of passive radar detectors was also fitted."  This occurred on the surviving Z-23 through Z-30 units.  

I would show the pictures of the ships from the book, but the book is large and I cannot get it fitted on my printer to scan.  Sorry.  They do all clearly show radar antennas for the Z-23 through Z-30.

According to this book, the Z-23   was paid off in 1944, the Z-24 was  sunk on 25 Aug 1944, the Z-25 was transferred to France in 1946, the Z-26 was sunk 29 March 1942, the Z-27 was sunk 28 December 1943, the Z-29 was transferred to the USA in 1946 and the Z-30 was transferred to the UK in 1946.   

TheFuM021 was a surface search radar with 9.7 nautical mile range, output power was 1kW.  The FuM025 was a surface search radar with a range of 10.8 nautical miles and a power output of 8kW.  The Hohentweil was originally designed as airborne naval radar used by the Luftwaffe.  In 1943 the Germans adapted it for Surface vessel and u-boat use.  It didn't work well on u-boats because of the antenna design and only had a 4-6 mile range.  


 If you are looking for radar information this site is pretty good:



Hope this helps.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      his helps.


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Could have been the ship was modeled based on pictures from the sea trials where the radar might not have been fitted, or based on pictures of one turned over to the Allies, where the radar may have been removed and is ashore being tested. Both would be good opportunities to get good photographs of them.

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Appreciated all the answers, I've sent a ticket to enquire the official support, and this is the reply I got, hope it will be fixed someday.:cap_old::cap_old::cap_old:


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