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Apathetic Gamer's Guild

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Why join a clan that only cares about wins and stats instead of the players behind them?

Why join a clan that prioritizes wins over enjoyment of a lovely game?

Why should we even care so much about a bunch of pixelated ships?

The answer to those questions is we shouldn't. The next question is, then who should we join? The answer to that is simple...

The Apathetic Gamer's Guild

The Apathetic Gamer's Guild is a casual clan looking for active world of warships players to participate in both divisions as well as future clan battles. The Apathetic Gamer's Guild can be described as a union of players who want to play the game for the sake of playing game, players who do not care so much about win or lose, but simply care about participating in said game. We are a rather inclusive bunch who encourage tomfoolery and shenanigans as long as they are not a detriment to teamwork or teambuilding seeing as though bullying your fellow clan mates makes the game less enjoyable for others. To put it in simpler terms, we are here to enjoy ourselves and live by a simple philosophy; If we win, we win. If we lose, then who cares. We are here to establish a team and a guild of likeminded individuals who share the common goal of not caring too much about the game. We encourage players who are new to the clan environment to join and to use the clan as a potential was to step into the competitive environment without having to worry about strict clan rules.


Some benefits to joining the Apathetic Gamer's Guild are:

- Near fully upgraded port; get to tier 8 quicker than without a clan.

-List of players who will be willing to division with you.

-Developing team skills for future clan battles.

-No rigorous or strict clan rules to make the game a job and not a hobby.

-Potential to learn competitive skills such as strategy or team coordination.

-Developing online social etiquette and breaking out of your shell.


While we don't have strict rules, we do have some guidelines such as;

-Please be 18 years or older of age.

-Be willing to help others in a patient manner.

-Active communication on either the discord channel or in game chat.

-Be willing to participate in clan battles and divisions with other clan mates.

-Please speak English

-You do not have to talk with a mic, but we do ask that you be able to listen to others using a headset or earphones.


If The Apathetic Gamer's Guild philosophy applies to you, then proceed to DM Halonachos in the world of warships client or contact us at our discord channel. We look forward to your future application.

Life itself is already too hectic.

When it comes to digital boats, be Apathetic.

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