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Green Screen Port Mod, Need Help!

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Greetings to you all, I am attempting to create a greenscreen port, and it is mostly done, but there is one or two hitches that I have come against that I need your help on!

The usage for this mod would be to allow myself, and anyone else who uses the mod, to be able to take a picture of their skin modded ship without any background, for icon making. Turning the background bright green, so it can be easily selected and removed. Now my current issue is the SS Red Oak Victory, aka, the loot container ship. I need to be able to relocate it so that myself, and other players, do not need to edit it out of their screencaps, which can be difficult to get a tidy clean edit if the ship you taking a pic of only partially overlaps the Red Oak Victory.

So here is what I have made so far, this is an edit of the Ocean Port:
Which with simple usage of the "Select by Colour" tool, lets me make this clean cut to make an image like this:
Which I was able to use this to make a nice preview image in the tech tree/carousel, and I can use this pic for promotional bits once my modpack is more widely available.


The other detail I'd like to be able to fix is the ocean reflection. It's how I have the ocean turned green, but I'd like to improve the reflection, get arid of how it is darker then the sky, especially up close. Would make the colour selecting work more smoothly, and would make it easier to select the background and not have to use a wide colour variance, which can cause selection problems if you have a green ship.


So, to repeat, what I need help with is:
-Relocating the SS Red Oak Victory's location in the port (How to do it) VERY IMPORTANT
-If it is possible to improve how bright the reflection the sky has on the ocean. USEFUL BUT NON-CRITICAL

Here is the mod of the port so far, just place it inside the folder:

(Once this issue is resolved I will release this mod officially, for everyone to use)

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